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A woman holds a Sweetwater Rewards Amber Card
Sweetwater Rewards

How To Use Your Card

New to Sweetwater Rewards? It’s easy to get signed up by visiting Guest Services or one of our enrollment kiosks. Simply show your ID and you’re on your way to getting in on the action! Use your card by inserting it into any slot machine and entering your pin, or by presenting it at the table game of your choice. By using your card, you will start earning points right away that can be used for food, free play, or merchandise. Plus, you will become eligible for member only promotions!

Managing Your Account

  • How To Update Your Personal Identification Number (Pin)

    1. Insert your card into the slot machine. On the display, select Settings (the gears icon).
      Gears Icon
    2. Select the padlock icon.
      Lock icon
    3. Enter your current PIN and tap the green check box.
    4. Re-enter your new PIN and tap the green check box.
  • How To Transfer Credits From Your Sweetwater Rewards Account To A Slot Machine To Play

    1. Insert your card into the slot machine.
    2. On the display, press the Money icon.
      Cash icon
    3. A choice screen appears.
    4. Press the arrow that corresponds to the cash award type to be downloaded: Promotional Play (for free play), Cashless Wagering (cash from your MoneyKlip), or Points to Play (to use your Points to wager).
      Cash awards screen
    5. Enter your PIN. An input screen appears. Enter the number for the amount of money you want to transfer to play on this machine and then press the green check mark.
      Enter amount screen
    6. Press the accept button to confirm the transfer. Press the cancel button to return to the previous screen and change the amount to transfer.
      Confirm screen
    7. You can now play with the transferred funds.

Store Cash On Your Sweetwater Rewards® Card with Money Klip™

Using your new Sweetwater Rewards card, there’s no need to carry cash. With Money Klip, you can load cash onto your card for use at any slot machine or table game. Withdraw money from your Sweetwater Rewards Money Klip account at any time. Visit Guest Services to activate Money Klip on your card and to load cash onto your Sweetwater Rewards card.

  • Slot Games Icon


    1. Download credits from your card using your secure PIN at the slot machine.
    2. Credits are automatically uploaded back to your Sweetwater Rewards card when you remove it from the machine.
    3. If you win a jackpot, that can be saved to your card to use at any game you like.
  • Table Games Icon

    Table Games

    Present your Sweetwater Rewards card to your Dealer to use funds from your MoneyKlip for your buy-in.